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P&S Chemicals is a worldwide chemical supply company with its office in Hendrik Ido Ambacht, The Netherlands (5 km. South of Rotterdam) and works closely together with its business partners from all over Europe, Asia and North America, handling business of over 307.000...

Special Offers

PRODUCT PROMOTION 2016 - (R)-Benzyloxymethyl-oxirane CAS 14618-80-5; 1,1,1,3,3,3-Hexafluoropropan-2-ol CAS 920-66-1; 1,1-Carbonyldiimidazole CAS 530-62-1; 1,1'-Ferrocenedicarboxylic acid CAS 1293-87-4; 1,4-Cyclohexanedione Monoethylene Ketal CAS 4746-97-8; 1-Aminocyclopropane-1-Carboxylic Acid CAS 22059-21-8

MORE THAN 1500 INDUSTRIAL CLEANING PRODUCTS - We can now offer you a very extensive range of over 1500 different Industrial Cleaning Products on a worldwide basis. The products are produced by one of our Group member companies (a leading developer and manufacturer) in the Netherlands. Also professional cleaning advice can be supplied on specific jobs.

Fatty alkanolamide - 1140 kg ex European Producer

Triethanolamine laurylsulfate nat. alc. cut - 1000 kg ex European producer

Nonionic emulsifier / metal acid cleaner - 4000 kg ex European Producer

Ammonium ether sulfate - 9000 kg ex European Producer

Calcium dodocylbenzene sulfonate in butanol - 6800 kg available ex European Producer

DEXTROSE - One of our customers has a surplus quantity of DEXTROSE available. We can offer at a discount price. Please email us for more info.

LITHIUM SPECIAL OFFERS - We offer at a very reduced price,ex one of our German Warehouses and subject to prior sales: A. Lithium Molybdate - Jiangsu- 675 Kgs. B. Lithium Sulfate - Chemetall- 1100 Kgs. C. Lithium Chromate -Chemetall- 12000 Kgs. D. Lithium Nitrate - Hebeil - 500 Kgs. Please ask for specs when interested.

FLUOBORIC ACID - 6000 Kg of FLUOBORIC ACID is available at a very low price. We need to move this product within short because the customer does not need the product anymore. Please give us your best possible price.

TRIACETIN Food Grade - Triacetin Food Grade is now available at very competative pricing from one of our Warehouses in The Netherlands. Please as us for a quotation.

TRIISOPROPYL BORATE - We do have a surplus stock of 6200 Kg. Triisopropyl borate available ex USA

Acetoacetic acid benzyl ester - We have available for immediate SALE a lot of 5000 Kg of PRIME Acetoacetic acid benzyl ester CAS nr. 5396-89-4. Available in one of our warehouses in Germany.

FERROUS SULPHATE - We have available for direct SALE a PRIME lot of 422 Metric Tons of Ferrous Sulphate ex New Orleans USA. Producer: Sachtleben COA is available on request.

MEHQ (4-Methoxyphenol) min assay 99.5% - P&S Chemicals can now offer MEHQ on a worldwide- and very competative basis.

ODOR ELIMINATOR - P&S Chemicals has developped a new serie of Industrial Odor Eliminators, the products are on a Chemical- as well as on a Micro-Organismn basis. Please call or mail for advice.


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